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  • The statutory references listed below refer the code user to state statutes applicable to California counties. They are up to date with all 2016 Regular Session laws, Ch. 8 of 2015-2016 2nd Ex. Session, and all propositions on 2016 ballot.

    General Provisions

    Code adoption;

    Government Code §§ 25126 et seq. and 50022.1 et seq.

    Police power

    Cal. Const. Art. XI, § 7

    Counties generally

    Cal. Const. Art. XI, § 1

    Classification of counties;

    Government Code § 28020 et seq.

    County seats;

    Government Code § 23600 et seq.


    Government Code § 25120 et seq.

    Penalties for ordinance violations;

    Government Code §§ 25132 and 76000 et seq.

    Citations for misdemeanors

    Penal Code § 853.5 et seq.

    Administrative fines and penalties;

    Government Code § 53069.4

    Appeal from local governmental action

    Code of Civil Procedure § 1094.6

    Expedited judicial review of First Amendment cases

    Code of Civil Procedure § 1094.8


    Government Code §§ 24200 et seq. and 25201

    Election precincts

    Elections Code § 12200 et seq.

    Redistricting of supervisorial districts

    Elections Code § 21500 et seq.

    Eminent Domain Law

    Code of Civil Procedure § 1230.010 et seq.

    Administration and Personnel

    County officers generally;

    Government Code § 24000 et seq.

    Board of supervisors;

    Government Code § 25000 et seq.

    Chairman of board of supervisors;

    Government Code § 25020 et seq.

    Meetings generally;

    Government Code § 54950 et seq.

    Meetings of county board of supervisors;

    Government Code § 25080 et seq.

    Clerk of the board of supervisors;

    Government Code § 25100 et seq.

    Offices and office hours;

    Government Code § 24250 et seq.

    Consolidation of offices;

    Government Code § 24300 et seq.

    Officers and employees;

    Government Code §§ 24000 et seq., 25300 et seq.

    County assessors;

    Government Code § 27421 et seq.

    County auditors;

    Government Code § 26900 et seq.

    County clerks;

    Government Code § 26801 et seq.

    County controllers;

    Government Code § 26880 et seq.


    Government Code § 27460 et seq.

    County counsel;

    Government Code § 27640 et seq.

    Directors of finance;

    Government Code § 26970 et seq.

    District attorney;

    Government Code § 26500 et seq.

    Public administrators;

    Government Code § 27440 et seq.

    Public defenders;

    Government Code § 27700 et seq.

    Public guardians;

    Government Code § 27430 et seq.

    County recorders;

    Government Code § 27201 et seq.


    Government Code § 26600 et seq.

    County surveyors;

    Government Code § 27550 et seq.

    County health officers

    Health and Safety Code § 101000 et seq.

    Hearing officer;

    Government Code § 27720 et seq.

    Tax collectors;

    Government Code § 27400 et seq.

    County treasurers;

    Government Code § 27000 et seq.

    County financial evaluation officer;

    Government Code § 27750 et seq.

    County treasury oversight committees;

    Government Code § 27130 et seq.

    Official bonds;

    Government Code §§ 1450 et seq. and 24150 et seq.

    Removal from office;

    Government Code § 3000 et seq.

    Political activities of public employees;

    Government Code § 3201 et seq.

    Local planning agencies;

    Government Code § 65100 et seq.

    California Emergency Services Act;

    Government Code § 8550 et seq.

    Peace officer standards and training

    Penal Code § 13500 et seq.

    County Civil Service Enabling Law;

    Government Code § 31100 et seq.

    County employees retirement;

    Government Code §§ 31450 et seq. and 53060.1

    Revenue and Finance

    Financial powers;

    Government Code § 25250 et seq.

    Appropriation and separation of county funds;

    Government Code § 29300

    Purchasing system;

    Government Code §§ 25480 et seq. and 54201 et seq.

    Bradley-Burns Uniform Local Sales and Use Tax Law

    Revenue and Taxation Code § 7200 et seq.

    Transient occupancy tax

    Revenue and Taxation Code § 7280 et seq.

    Documentary Transfer Tax Act

    Revenue and Taxation Code § 11901 et seq.

    Road funds

    Streets and Highways Code § 2150 et seq.

    Unclaimed property

    Civil Code § 2080 et seq.

    Unclaimed money;

    Government Code § 50050 et seq.

    Claims against public entities;

    Government Code § 900 et seq.

    Claims for money or damages against counties;

    Government Code § 29700 et seq.

    Planning and zoning fees for specific purposes;

    Government Code § 66012 et seq.

    Public works and public purchases;

    Government Code § 4000 et seq.

    Local Agency Public Construction Act

    Public Contract Code § 20100 et seq.

    Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act

    Public Contract Code § 22000 et seq.

    Bergeson-Peace Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank Act;

    Government Code § 63000 et seq.

    County Service Area Law;

    Government Code § 25210 et seq.

    Revenue bonds for county improvements;

    Government Code § 26301 et seq.

    Business Licenses and Regulations

    Authority to license businesses

    Business and Professions Code § 16100 et seq.

    Automatic checkout systems Business Licenses and Regulations

    Civil Code § 7100 et seq.

    Charitable solicitations

    Business and Professions Code § 17510 et seq.

    Commercial filming;

    Government Code § 65850.1

    Community antenna TV systems;

    Government Code § 53066 et seq.

    Gambling Control Act

    Business and Professions Code § 19800 et seq.

    Massage parlors;

    Government Code § 51030 et seq.

    Private Investigator Act

    Business and Professions Code § 7512 et seq

    Taxicabs and other vehicles for hire

    Vehicle Code §§ 16500 et seq., 21100, 21112 and Government Code § 53075.5


    Animals generally

    Food and Agriculture Code § 16301 et seq.


    Government Code § 25803 and Food and Agricultural Code § 30501 et seq.

    Potentially dangerous and vicious dogs

    Food and Agricultural Code § 31601 et seq.

    County authority to adopt or enforce its own program for the control of potentially dangerous or vicious dogs

    Food and Agricultural Code § 31683

    Rabies control

    Health and Safety Code § 121575 et seq.

    Cruelty to animals and related offenses

    Penal Code §§ 596 through 600.5

    Health and Safety

    County health administration

    Health and Safety Code § 101025 et seq.

    Garbage and refuse disposal

    Public Resources Code § 49000 et seq. and Government Code § 25820 et seq.

    Fire prevention

    Health and Safety Code § 13000 et seq.

    Abatement of hazardous weeds and rubbish

    Health and Safety Code § 14875 et seq.

    Authority to abate nuisances;

    Government Code § 25845 and Penal Code § 370 et seq.

    Graffiti abatement;

    Government Code § 38772 and Penal Code § 594.5

    County authority to declare and abate weed, rubbish, and other dangerous or injurious nuisance materials from property;

    Government Code § 25213


    Penal Code §§ 374 through 374.8

    Smoking—Places of Employment

    Labor Code § 6404.5

    California Indoor Clean Air Act of 1976

    Health and Safety Code § 118875 et seq.

    Public Peace, Morals and Welfare

    Crimes against religion and conscience, and other offenses against good morals

    Penal Code § 302 et seq.


    Penal Code § 311 et seq.

    Material harmful to minors

    Penal Code § 313 et seq.

    Indecent exposure, obscene exhibitions, and bawdy and other disorderly houses

    Penal Code § 314 et seq.

    Crimes against the public peace

    Penal Code § 403 et seq.

    Authority of board of supervisors to prohibit and prevent unnecessary firing and discharge of firearms in public places;

    Government Code § 25840

    Vehicles and Traffic

    Rules of the Road

    Vehicle Code § 21000 et seq.

    Local traffic rules and regulations

    Vehicle Code § 21100 et seq.

    Traffic signs, signals and markings

    Vehicle Code § 21350 et seq.

    Driving on right side of road, overtaking and passing

    Vehicle Code § 21650 et seq.


    Vehicle Code § 21800 et seq.

    Pedestrians' rights and duties

    Vehicle Code § 21949 et seq.

    Turning, stopping and turning signals

    Vehicle Code § 22100 et seq.

    Vehicle speed

    Vehicle Code § 22348 et seq.

    Special stops required

    Vehicle Code § 22450 et seq.

    Stopping, standing and parking

    Vehicle Code § 22500 et seq.


    Vehicle Code §§ 21200 et seq. and 39000 et seq.

    Vehicle size, weight and load

    Vehicle Code § 35000 et seq.


    Vehicle Code § 42000 et seq.

    Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places

    General supervision, regulation, management, and control of the county highways by board of supervisors

    Streets and Highways Code § 900 et seq.

    Construction of sidewalks and curbs

    Streets and Highways Code § 5870 et seq.

    Care and protection of county highways

    Streets and Highways Code § 1450 et seq.

    Road districts;

    Government Code § 25200 and Streets and Highways Code § 1020 et seq.

    County parks

    Public Resources Code §§ 5150 et seq. and 5301 et seq.

    Advertising displays

    Business and Professions Code §§ 5229 through 5231

    Landscaping and Lighting Act of 1972

    Streets and Highways Code § 22500 et seq.

    Underground utility districts

    Streets and Highways Code § 5896.1 et seq.

    County Service Area Law;

    Government Code § 25210 et seq.

    Public Services

    County water systems;

    Government Code §§ 25690 et seq. and 53064.5

    County sewers;

    Government Code § 25820 et seq. and Health and Safety Code § 5470 et seq.

    Water wells

    Water Code § 13700 et seq.

    Buildings and Construction

    State Housing Law

    Health and Safety Code § 17910 et seq.

    California Building Standards Law

    Health and Safety Code § 18901 et seq.

    Authority of county to adopt ordinances that regulate signs and billboards;

    Government Code § 65850(b)

    Outdoor Advertising Act

    Business and Professions Code § 5200 et seq.

    Mobilehome Parks Act

    Health and Safety Code § 18200 et seq.

    Inspection warrants

    Code of Civil Procedure § 1822.50 et seq.


    Subdivision Map Act;

    Government Code § 66410 et seq.


    Planning and Zoning Law;

    Government Code § 65000 et seq.

    Local authority to regulate land use;

    Government Code § 65850

    Local zoning administration;

    Government Code § 65900 et seq.

    Open-space zoning;

    Government Code § 65910 et seq.

    Family day care homes

    Health and Safety Code § 1597.30 et seq.

    Environmental Protection

    California Environmental Quality Act

    Public Resources Code § 21000 et seq.

    California Noise Control Act of 1973

    Health and Safety Code § 46000 et seq.