§ 2.54.020. Penalties for unpermitted encroachments  

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  • The Director of Public Works, acting as the County Roads Commissioner, may impose on the owner of the property underlying the County's public right of way, fines for encroachments without permit in the public right of way of equal to $350 per day for each day the unpermitted encroachment remains, such fines to commence on the fifth day following the date of mailing of a second notification to said property owner of the requirement that the encroachment be removed. Said second notification shall be mailed no earlier than 10 days after the date of mailing of the initial notification. The total fine amount shall not exceed $10,500. The Director of Public Works may seek collection of such fines through all lawful means.

(Ord. No. 04680, § 1, 12-10-2013)