§ 3.68.150. Dangerous activities.  

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  • Except in areas specifically designated and set aside from time to time by the Parks and Recreation Commission, or the San Francisco Water Department for such activities, no person shall engage in any of the following activities within any County Park or Recreation area, or on the San Francisco Fish and Game Refuge, and in no case shall any person engage in any activity or operate any device recklessly or negligently so as to endanger the life, limb or property of any person:


    Use or possess fireworks of any kind.


    Drive, chip, or in any other manner play or practice golf, or hit golf balls.


    Operate self-propelled model airplanes, boats, automobiles, or other model craft of any kind or description.


    Throw, release, or discharge missiles, rockets, or similar projectiles.


    Hang-glide or parachute.


    Operate any gas or hot air balloon (other than a toy balloon).

(Prior code § 3391; Ord. 415, 06/25/34; Ord. 2307, 05/06/75; Ord. 2394, 09/21/76; Ord. 2807, 10/26/82; Ord. 3252, 07/31/90)