§ 3.68.160. Hiking and riding trails.  

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  • The following regulations shall apply to any and all persons using hiking and riding trails in the County of San Mateo.


    No loaded firearm shall be carried on any hiking and riding trail, except by Peace Officers, nor shall any person discharge across, in or into any portion of a hiking and riding trail any firearm or other device capable of injuring or killing any person, animal or damaging or destroying any public or private property.


    No person shall disturb, destroy, remove, deface or injure any property on a hiking and riding trail. No person shall cut, carve, paint, mark, paste or fasten on any tree, fence, wall, building, monument or other property along or on such trail any bill, advertisement or inscription.


    No person shall use threatening, abusive, boisterous, insulting or indecent language or make indecent gestures on a hiking or riding trail; nor shall any person conduct or participate in a disorderly assemblage thereon.


    No person shall operate a vehicle on a hiking and riding trail other than a vehicle used for emergency or maintenance purposes or such other vehicle as may be especially designated by the Director of Parks and Recreation Department, unless the trail traverses a common right-of-way.


    No person shall molest livestock encountered on or adjacent to a hiking and riding trail.


    No person shall ride any saddle animal on a hiking and riding trail in a manner that might endanger life or limb of any person or animal, and no person shall allow his/her saddle or pack animal to stand unattended or insecurely tied.


    All persons using a hiking and riding trail shall respect the rights of property owners along the trail and shall not trespass on their property or invade their privacy in any way.


    Every person using a hiking and riding trail shall promptly report any uncontrolled fire in sight of the trail to the nearest Peace Officer, Park Ranger or fire station.


    All persons opening a closed gate on or near a hiking and riding trail shall securely close same after passing through it.


    No campfire shall be built on or adjacent to a hiking and riding trail except in areas specifically provided and marked for that purpose.


    Smoking on hiking and riding trails is prohibited.

(Prior code § 3392; Ord. 2394, 09/21/76; Ord. 3252, 07/31/90)