§ 3.84.100. Fuel breaks  

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  • A. Every person, owning, leasing or otherwise controlling improved real property, shall maintain an effective fuel break for the protection of improvements by removing all hazardous flammable materials or growth from the ground around each improvement for a distance of not less than 30 feet from its exterior circumference or to the property line, whichever is closer. The County Fire Chief may require a distance of up to 100 feet to be cleared or the vegetation managed (fuel reduced) if he determines that the greater distance is necessary to protect improvements.

    B. In determining the extent of clearing necessary to establish an adequate fuel break, due consideration shall be given to the retention of existing landscaping or natural features that, in the opinion of the County Fire Marshal, do not increase the risk of the spread of a fire.

    C. Any determination as to the required size of a fuel break shall give due consideration to the presence of any sensitive habitats entitled to protection under federal, state or local laws, and shall comply with such laws. In the case of any development for which environmental review is required, and for which a fuel break will be required, the environmental review shall consider any environmental impacts which may result from the creation of the required fuel break.

(Ord. No. 04679, § 3, 12-10-2013)