Title 4. Sanitation And Health  

Chapter 4.04. Solid Waste Collection, Transport, Storage, And Disposal
Chapter 4.08. Manure And Fertilizers
Chapter 4.12. Mosquito Control
Chapter 4.16. Rodents
Chapter 4.20. Milk Regulations
Chapter 4.24. Sewer Connections
Chapter 4.28. Discharge Of Waste Into Sewer System
Chapter 4.32. Sewer Service Charges
Chapter 4.36. Water Conservation
Chapter 4.40. Underground Utility Districts
Chapter 4.44. Maintenance Districts
Chapter 4.48. Abatement Of Nuisances
Chapter 4.52. Environmental Health Code Generally
Chapter 4.56. Food Facilities
Chapter 4.60. Public Fresh Water Sports Areas
Chapter 4.64. Water Supply System
Chapter 4.68. Wells*
Chapter 4.72. Backflow Prevention
Chapter 4.76. Chemical Toilets
Chapter 4.80. Rodent And Insect Control
Chapter 4.84. Individual Sewage Disposal Systems
Chapter 4.88. Noise Control
Chapter 4.92. Storage Of Hazardous Substances
Chapter 4.96. Smoking
Chapter 4.98. Tobacco Retailer Permit
Chapter 4.100. Storm Water Management And Discharge Control
Chapter 4.104. Water District Regulations
Chapter 4.105. Recycling And Diversion Of Debris From Construction And Demolition
Chapter 4.106. Regulating Use Of Disposable Food Service Ware And Bottled Water
Chapter 4.107. Prohibition On The Use Of Polystyrene Based Disposable Food Service Ware By Food Vendors
Chapter 4.108. Prohibited Fuels
Chapter 4.110. Standards For Body Art And Piercing
Chapter 4.112. Drug Repository And Distribution Program
Chapter 4.114. Reusable Bags