Title 5. Business Regulations  

Chapter 5.04. Business Licenses Generally
Chapter 5.08. Peddlers And Solicitors
Chapter 5.10. Regulation Of Taxi Cabs
Chapter 5.12. Theaters
Chapter 5.16. Traveling Shows, Circuses, Rodeos And Exhibitions
Chapter 5.20. Shooting Galleries
Chapter 5.24. Amusement Devices
Chapter 5.28. Fireworks
Chapter 5.32. Pawn Brokers, Secondhand Dealers And Junk Dealers
Chapter 5.36. Picnic Grounds
Chapter 5.40. Public Dances
Chapter 5.44. Massage Businesses
Chapter 5.48. Bingo Games
Chapter 5.52. Mobile Food Preparation Units
Chapter 5.56. Auction And Closing Out Sales
Chapter 5.60. Auto Wrecking
Chapter 5.64. Fees For Enforcement Of State Public Health Laws
Chapter 5.68. Food Establishments
Chapter 5.72. Fortune Telling
Chapter 5.76. Solid Waste Facility Fees
Chapter 5.80. Camps
Chapter 5.84. Labor Camps
Chapter 5.88. Smelters
Chapter 5.92. Trailer Camps
Chapter 5.96. Mechanical Amusement Devices
Chapter 5.100. Private Patrols
Chapter 5.104. Cable Television Franchises
Chapter 5.108. Motor Vehicle Fuel Price Sign Advertising
Chapter 5.112. Automatic Checkout Systems
Chapter 5.116. Electronic Amusement Devices
Chapter 5.120. Reserved
Chapter 5.124. Registration Fees For Weighing And Measuring Devices
Chapter 5.128. Alcohol Warning Signs
Chapter 5.132. Transportation System Management
Chapter 5.136. Transient Occupancy Tax
Chapter 5.144. Registration Certification And Fee For Point-Of-Sale Systems
Chapter 5.148. Regulation Of Collective Cultivation And Distribution Of Medical Marijuana
Chapter 5.150. Business License Tax On Operators Of Vehicle Rental Businesses
Chapter 5.152. Retail Transactions (Sales) And Use Tax